Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Persian Empire and Iran today
Comments by an African American:

And being Iranian, as I assume you are since you claim the 2500 year old persian empire as your "heritage", you would do well to note that the empire started by cyrus bears no resemblance to modern iran. Cyrus was an advocate for human rights and freedom of religion for everyone. He was also a great friend to the jews. That kingdom was later conquered by the macedonians, the byzantines, the mongols, the turks and many more, but most importantly, by the arab empire which effectively setup the "heritage" you claim. You share nothing in common with the persians of 2500 years ago, so get over it.

My point is the early culture of the first persian empire is not your heritage and has no bearing on iran today. That was 2500 years ago. Your heritage is arab because that was the last culture to conquer persia and it still holds sway today.

I asked two questions in the last post. You ignored both so I'll ask again. What social or philosophical "heritage" from the early persian empire is espoused in modern iranian culture? It's certainly not cyrus' bill of human rights. And also, what makes persia's being conquered by arab invaders any different than egypt's being conquered by arab invaders?
Oslonor Comments:
There are three points that are interesting in these comments. Firstly the attempt to delink Persians from their past history. Secondly to force Persians to defend Azeri Turk Iranians who actually have no connection with past Persian history and include them into an imaginary "Iranian History". That is what Azeri Turks pursue in their objectives about an imaginary "Iranian History" in order to create legitimacy to their claims in controlling the state in Iran today.
The third point is these comments are made by an African American. The question is why these African Americans have suddenly become so interested in Iran's history?!!!!
The reason is the following: Clinton Administration in US in early 1990's started a process of introducing racial policies into the management of the US government. This racial agenda formulates policies based on ethnicity and race. These policies are followed by the Bush administration too. Persians as an ethnic group have been assigned to be managed by African Americans delinking European Americans from persians. This is the reason for the appearance of massive number of African Americans on Iranians Forums on the internet.

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